Thursday, 21 February 2013

The Brownie Pizza

The brownie pizza options - Marshmallow and chocolate chip on a double brownie base. How about marshmallows and Reeses peanut butter cups? Or M&M and marshmallow? Or Dime bar and chocolate chip? Or Reeses peanut butter cup M&Ms with chopped almonds and caramel? The possibilities are endless....

KD 8 for 23cm diameter good for 8 people

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Say It With A Cupcake..

A yummy selection of 12 adorable cupcakes for
Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or a very special person. KD 9

The Gorgeous Rosey Layer Cakes


 Small 3 layer cakes (for 6 people) start at KD 16, Medium 3 layer cakes
(for 8 people) start at KD 22, Large 3 layer cakes (for 10 people) start at KD 26.
We can add more layers and your choice of sponge colour layer and frosting.


The Fabulous Heart Shaped Brownie Cake Topped with Fresh Raspberries and Cream